Friday, August 6, 2010


Passionate orange mirrors your eyes, o lonely one

You have journeyed long and far, but where do you go?

Is it time to find a new family?

Is it time to find a new home?

Black and blue mirrors your heart, o wandering one

You have lived long and prosperous, but what do you know?

Can you see the children dying in these parts?

Can you hear the cold wind blow?

The shadowy clouds mirror your love, o king of beasts

You have seen skies like this, but were you alone?

Did you run from those who hate you?

Did you read the words on their gravestones?

The dry earth mirrors your life, o keeper of the east

You have walked roads like this, but did you bow?

Would you hold this weapon of mass destruction?

Would you dare sit upon Satan's toe?

And although you are but a beast

And I am but of man

We see alike, in different ways

Only I know how my tears taste


  1. Aww... I thought the last one was really sad.

    This poem reminded me of the book... crap! Uh, we read it in 8th grade, and NO, nobody inserted "schlong" in it. Anyway, I tried searching for it on Google for about ten minutes, and even tried searching my old classwork (yeah! it's insane---I hang on to all of my old work, esp if it's English).

    Anyway, your poem reminds me of this story, though, of this boy who's lost in Tanzania, a country in Africa. Something like he meets lions? Or poachers? Or all of them? My 8th grade memories are a complete blackout @.@

    On fb, I liked how you made the grass---how you went from thin strokes to thick ones. (Though, I wondered if that happened by accident---if you were just sick of using thin lines so much, to cover the grass. That's what I would have done, anyway ^^U)

    I also thought, for a while, when I watched on fb, that you could have made a pretty kewl shell---like of Kabuto or Omanyte, or something, when they're wee little fossils :3

  2. Maybe I shall draw a Kabuto or Omanyte next. 8D

    Is the story you're thinkning of called Lionboy? I have it, but I don't think it's it. It's similar, though--kid runs away, meets lions (he can talk to any animal of the feline genus 8D), and helps them escape to the wild.

    Haha. The schlong returns!

  3. I read a brief summary, and no!

    ha, I do remember, though, that we read Lois Lowry's The Giver, loads of Shakespeare, and Gary Paulsen's The Crossing.

    Looking back, now, I think it's funny, how our Mexican teacher taught us The Crossing. In the crossing, something like a Mexican kid's trying to cross the border into the US. I don't remember much else, except he meets an American soldier, who loves to drink and watch bull fights, and fears the coyotes. (Sorry if that sounds at all racist, but hey! That was near the time of people being all anti-Mexican!)

    And yes! Last night, I also remembered something that may be a bit interesting---not only was it "schlong," but "schlongeh doggeh," as well (pronounced with a thick country accent). Oslo can be a schlongeh doggeh now? D:

  4. xDDDDDDD SCHLONGEH DOGGEH!!! I said it to myself in a thick country accent and I think I might have busted one of my internal organs from laughing. xD

    So, I've never really read any books IN school that I actually remember, and I don't think I've read half of those books that you have had to for school. D8 So unless my new english class wants me to read The Giver or The Crossing, I'll finally know what you're talking about.

    Cuz when I go to a bookstore, it's straight to the gifts and graphic novels for meh. 8D

  5. I can't imagine D:

    Me, I'm like: How many books can I fit on a stack before they topple from my arms?