Saturday, August 21, 2010


There is a dark place I know
Which I like to always go
To get away from rain and snow
Where all my crap is safely stowed
One two three four left right up
I can never seem to cheat enough
The cops will get me for this stuff
Until then I'll hide in the fluff

Converse or Vans is the decision
Both seem to alter my vision
So quietly I make an incision
On your heart to stop it's beatin'
How far can you jump on the swing?
I pride myself in better things
Like making crappy lunch to bring
and on your strings I will cling

I want chocolate and vanilla
Swirled together, intermingled
I eat with you a day and forever
I don't think I'll ever love another
I play blackjack in fake vegas
So I don't lose money to the haters
I like to hang out with the skaters
I invite them home for mashed potaters


  1. Is there supposed to be any meaning in this poem? And is this supposed to be a song? The second stanza reminds me of a punk song, but the whole thing in general reminds me of Kimya Dawson :D

  2. Yeah it was written in Williams in total Kimya Dawson fashion. xD I was going to write on the prompt, "I am in Christ", but it ended up turning goofy at the "where all my crap is safely stowed" part, so I just gave up and started writing random shit. xD

  3. Wait, what prompt? Are you in Creative Writing this year? Did school camp finally get awesome and incorporate Creative Writing into it?!!

  4. Yes, I take CW this year, but the camp didn't have anything like that, because they're lame in the extreme--lamer than a three-legged llama with 15 STDs.

    But the prompt was a prompt I made for myself--the title of the page was "I am in Christ" and I was like, "Let's write on it!" butt you know the rest of that story. 8D