Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Music: Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie

A slender hand pointed upwards, towards the black wall glittering with tiny lights.

"You see that?"

Dan turned his head to face her. "What?"

"That constellation." She glanced over at him before trying to map it out with her hands. "That long stretch of stars there. Do you recognise it?"

"I don't see it, Hikari, what are you talking about?"

"You seriously don't see that, Dan?" Shun asked, glancing over at his friend. "It's right there."

"Come on, you guys!" Dan complained. "What am I looking for?"

"Okay," Hikari began, pointing to another part of the sky, "Do you see the Big Dipper?"

Dan concentrated for a while before replying, "Yeah, I see it."

"Okay, look down and you'll see a cluster of stars that crawls up to the right a little bit." She drew the line in the air in hopes that he would see and understand. "The Big Dipper is actually Ursa Major, if that helps any..."

A minute of silence passed. "I still don't get it," he said. "I see it, but what is it?"

"It's the constellation Draco," Hikari said thoughtfully, as if it should mean something to Dan. "It's hard to spot sometimes, because it's so long it looks like it blends with other stars but it doesn't, not in Draco.."

Puzzled, Dan turned to his small red spherical friend. "How does that star look anything like Drago?"

"Not Drago!" Runo exclaimed. "Didn't you hear right? Draco. It's different."

"But it sounds the same..."

Hikari rolled her eyes and Runo smacked the boy in the back of the head. While the two bickered, Drago floated over to Hikari.

"I don't see it either," the bakugan admitted.

Hikari shrugged. "No worries, Drago. Just look at it and think of it as more of a snake with a dragon head. That should clear things up."

Drago peered at the sky once more. "Ah, I do see it. It's not like me at all. Why is it called Draco?"

"The people who looked up at the stars and decided to name them thought this one looked like a dragon--or what they thought was a dragon at the time. Not all dragons are the same."

The little white and yellow ball next to Hikari's head popped open and spoke up. "Like not all humans are the same? Or bakugan?"

Hikari nodded. "Exactly." Her phone in her pocket buzzed. Hikari pulled it out and read the message from her mother--dinner time.

Looking back at the still-fighting Dan and Runo, Hikari decided it was time to end this. "Okay, you two, either get a room or come down for dinner." With that, she scooted off the edge of the rooftops, her partner Wapiti clutching to her shoulder, and strolled inside.


  1. I didn't know the Big Dipper was called Ursa Major---I'd always imagined the Ursa stars were shaped like bears, cuz, well, isn't "ursa" Latin for "bear," or something? :?

    Sorry, I have little else to say. I'm sleepeh!

  2. I think they look more like raccoons. o.0 At least, that's what the constellation illustrations look like.

    You earn a cookie if you can guess what kind of Bakugan Wapiti is. 8D (both in physical description and attribute)

  3. Eff, is Wapiti a real Bakugan?

    Cuzzz, honestly, I tried googling it, but, to no avail. (Yeah, I'm a cheater, I confess!)

    Apparently, Wapiti are elk, so Imma guess that's their physical description. And, based on what I know about the attributes, no way is it Darkus (that's just plain mean); it's probably not Ventus (that's more for sky); it's definitely not Pyrus (cuz that's fire-based); and it's not Aquos (cuz that's water-based).

    I want to guess Subterra attribute, cuzzz that makes the most sense. Native Americans like their elk/deer, and are extremely into nature. BUT, Subterra just doesn't feel right---it feels more like it should be for tough, bulky Bakugan, like Julie has.

    So, my final guess is Haos? I dunno, Wapiti just reminds me of Harry's Patronus, the stag. In HP, the stag (and, well, all Patronuses) are represented by a load of white light. It also seems a bit to break tradition, to make a deer Bakugan be light, instead of earth-based.

    I'm guessing I don't get the cookie? D:


    Wow, at first, reading this, I didn't think you'd get it, but before you posted I figured, "Yeah, she'll get it."

    Cuz you can just look up Wapiti on google and "american elk" comes up, so it's gotta be an elkish thing, and I was sure to add in the color of the bakugan ball to make it obvious what attribute it is.

    But Wapiti is made up, not real. I don't know if I associate elk with light because of HP or not, but they seem to be creatures of light and purity and goodness to me.